Day 427 [Dec. 3/09] -- Genoa update

Position (1000 JST)
53°10'S, 70°55'W -- Punta Arenas

Today's Report

The genoa was arriving in Santiago, Chile, today and was to be received in Punta Arenas either today or tomorrow by Gonzalo Avil├ęs Stewart of Ian Taylor & Company, a local importer that has been helping us locally.

We should learn soon whether the sail made it through Chilean customs ok.

Our first attempt in May to send Saito-san his heart medicines took a month from Japan, despite being fully documented and dispatched by express courier. By comparison, it will seem a small miracle if the genoa just takes three or four days from Auckland, NZ.

Our thanks to Gonzalo for his personal and careful assistance in this matter.

Day 426 [Dec. 2/09] -- Genoa on its way

Position (1300 JST)
53°10'S, 70°55'W -- Punta Arenas

Today's Report

We received word today the new genoa has been shipped from Auckland and is expected to be at Punta Arenas airport by Dec. 3. Barring no import difficulties, the sail should be in Saito-san's possession by Thursday or Friday. Our thanks to the folks at Evolution Sails, Auckland, and Nicole Racing, Yokohama, for expediting the shipment.

Meanwhile, to better attend to engine and electrical repairs, the vessel is scheduled to be lifted out and placed on a cradle on land on Dec. 5. Currently it is difficult (not to mention potentially dangerous) for the electricians and other repair people to go by small dinghy to the boat at its mooring.

NBSDIII herself will also be safer and less subject to the windstorms that come up periodically and make shore-side moorings risky.

On the list of repairs as indicated by a fax from Saito-san yesterday:

  • Engine fine-tuning (now starts and runs)
  • Aux. generator operation and charging
  • Battery charging issues
  • Replacement of winch battery in the forward anchor well
  • Potential water damage to electrical panel

Also, a small but persistent leak in the aft head, which has proved impossible to source on the water, and is likely a leaking through-hull fitting.