Day 635 [June 28/10 local time] -- Hawaii repairs update

Today's Report
June 28/10 Honolulu Time 

Position:  21°17'N, 157°53'W (Keehi Marina, Honolulu) 

Remaining distance to Yokohama finish:  13.4%

Everything is on track and going well.

We'll keep this list to just the main items.

  • The mast will be welded in place on Wednesday. This will be done using two snorkel trucks, lifting the welder and equipment to the height of the cracks that were found on the aluminum mast at the staysail halyard box. This is less expensive than pulling the mast, with the added rigging charges that would entail.
  • The mainsail is being resewn today at North Sails and will use the existing cloth but in a reduced size to allow up to a 1-pt reef. The primary problem involved seams and thread damaged by UV. (The old sail parts are being saved for fundraising activities later.)
  • The genoa headsail furler is being repaired today or tomorrow, replacing the toggle.
  • The cockpit and nav table chairs were being fixed, after both succumbed to incessant and violent boat movement. That should be a huge relief to Saito-san, who has been suffering from a sore back.
The Fourth of July holiday is coming up. It is hoped he can clear customs before that, and may be away as early as this Saturday if everything continues to go smoothly.

Dave Cooper said that Saito-san was in good spirits and feeling much better after having a good rest on Sunday when everything went on holiday after four nonstop days, then resuming Monday.

We certainly can't say it enough: We've been hugely fortunate to have tremendously dedicated and talented people working, several continuously, and managing the many, many details along with Saito-san. We understand the list of volunteers has grown, and we hope to be able to fully acknowledge everyone at a later point.

That day off on Sunday was the only one they've taken -- at the behest, Dave said, "of our families." 

And clearly well deserved!