Day 646 [July 9/10 local time] -- Successful second sea trial

Today's Report
July 9/10 Honolulu Time 

Position:  21°17'N, 157°53'W  

Remaining distance to Yokohama finish:  13.4%

The hose ordered in from the mainland arrived yesterday and was installed by late afternoon. This morning Saito-san called to say the new, 90-minute sea trial was successful and the engine, sails, furlers, and rig tensioning all passed with flying colors. The primary concern was to test the integrity of the water hoses that blew during the previous test due to over-heating damage.

They also wanted to test the performance of the cut-down main sail, which had weakened areas removed by a local sail loft and sun-damaged seams restitched. For the rest of the voyage Saito-san will keep it at a 3-point reef, and depend mainly on the genoa and staysail.

Saito-san called later to say he had cleared customs, and was now looking forward to enjoying a celebratory meal with the Hawaii Team of Dave Cooper, Scott Gilbert, and Ed Abbot at a restaurant near the marina.

He'll depart in the morning on a down-wind sail toward home, a distance of 2,800 nm expected to take about 25-30 days.

Day 644 [July 7/10 local time] -- Soon another sea trial

Today's Report
July 7/10 Honolulu Time 

Position:  21°17'N, 157°53'W  

Remaining distance to Yokohama finish:  13.4%

There were two exhaust/cooling water hoses on the engine that required replacement, and one could be sourced locally. The other, a flexible type, could not, and was ordered from a dealer in Washington state. It was due to arrive today or tomorrow by overnight express. 

After it is installed (joining the easily acquired stiff hose that Dave and Saito-san mounted on Tuesday), there will be another sea trial on Friday. If that goes well, Saito-san will again clear customs on Friday, and depart Saturday.

In the meantime the pace has slowed just a bit, and we got these great shots this morning from Ed.

At the wheel, L-->R, the Hawaii Team of Scott Gilbert, Minoru Saito, Dave Cooper, and Ed Abbot  

At the table, Sunday brunch in Saito-san's honor with members of the Hawaii Yacht Club Cruising & Voyaging Society

Day 641 [July 4/10 local time] -- The reason for sea trials

Today's Report
July 4/10 Honolulu Time 

Position:  21°17'N, 157°53'W  

Remaining distance to Yokohama finish:  13.4%

The proof of why you hold sea trials was dramatically demonstrated Saturday, after a hose on the engine suddenly failed and filled the engine room with exhaust smoke as it spurted sea water from the newly repaired raw water pump. 

The 4-foot hose apparently was damaged by overheating that occurred when the cooling water pump's impeller disintegrated near the Galapagos Islands, but it never was evident while the engine was run at various times at the dock. Once out on the water when cruising rpms were applied, the weakened hose ruptured under the added pressure.

Dave's tender boat had been tied to the stern of NBSDIII, fortunately, so it was used to assist a return to the newly departed dock -- to everyone's great frustration.

However, that's THE reason for sea trials. Better for this to occur, of course, within a few hundred meters of the dock than a thousand miles out to sea!

And once the marine shops open back up the hose can be replaced, then a new sea trial carried out. Due to the three-day Fourth of July weekend, the earliest Saito-san can leave is thought to be this coming Friday.