Day 618 [June 12/10] -- A sigh of global relief as Abby is discovered safe

Today's Report
June 12/10 0800 JST / 1400 local

Position:  16°52'N, 141°51'W (North Pacific Ocean) 

Remaining distance to Yokohama finish:  16.9%

A collective sigh of global relief greeted the dramatic news that 16-year-old Abby Sunderland was found safe and sound when her dismasted 13-meter yacht "Wild Eyes" was spotted by a rescue plane about 12 hours ago. 

Crew of an Australian search plane drawn to her location by two manually triggered EPIRB emergency transponders could see her in the stern of her vessel and were able to talk with her over marine radio. She was reported uninjured and in good spirits. 

It is of course a great disappointment to Abby and her supporters that her boat will need to be abandoned along with her long-held hopes. Fortunately a tragedy was averted, and the great courage and fortitude displayed by this remarkable young woman still deserve widespread admiration. 

The Australian maritime rescue service is to be commended for the speed of its response and the tremendous skill demonstrated in finding Abby under the extreme weather conditions, not to mention the great distances involved. The image on Abby's blog today of that tiny speck on the massive Indian Ocean suggests how difficult that task really was.

Saito-san's progress toward Hawaii continues, as he made 120 nm during the period under slightly reduced trade winds of 14-20 kts, on seas of 2.5 meters. A 0.6 knt current from the east contributed about 14 of those miles. 

He sees an ETA in Honolulu as "either June 20 or 21," with 1,000 nm remaining at a daily average DMG of 120 nm. 

Distance in last 24 hours: 120 nm over ground / 120 nm DMG
Total distance completed: 23,488 nm
To Yokohama: 4,712 nm
To Hawaii WP2: 1,000 nm
Heading: 270°
Reported boat speed: 5.0 kts
Average boat speed: 5.0 kts
Average daily DMG over last 7 days: 120 nm 
Weather: Overcast & cool
Temperature: 21.0° C
Barometer: 1013 hPa 
Wind (from): 14-20 kts, ENE expected to be 15-18 kts ENE over next 19 hrs
Waves: 2.5 m
Current (from): E at 0.6 kts (good)
Engine: 0.0 hrs
Generator: 9.5 hrs
Sails: Genoa 50%, staysail 0%, mainsail 2-pt reef

Position Map