Day 660 [July 24/10 JST] -- Steady, slow progress under genoa

Today's Report
July 24/10 0800 JST 

Position:  20°06'N, 161°47'W

Saito-san's seamanship -- and patience -- are being put to the test as he works his way, tack by tack, back to Honolulu. There may be no other boats to race; in this case, the competition is against the sea and wind. Sometimes they are as favorable as headwinds can get (not much!), and he manages a few miles of progress. Then the winds change direction just slightly, or slow to a light breeze, and the currents begin to push him back again like so many arresting hands.

So yesterday he sailed at an oblique angle to headwinds most of the time to the SE. That's when he could make some of the period's DMG, 26 nm, with 78 nm sailed overground. But if the angle of tack was forced by the wind too southward, too far off his desired route, he'd tack back and try to gain some miles to the NE. That worked for a short time, and then the wind changed, and it was time to tack again. 

That happened twice just this morning.

Still, when he called at 1300 his time, he was in good spirits knowing that he is now working with nature's forces, getting them to help him, rather than stymie him as they did earlier in the week.

It's still slow going -- but at least it's going.   

At this morning's call he had pulled to within 229 nm of Honolulu, a DMG of 26 nm for the period. He'll soon be well position for another NE tack against east winds, and in the next 40-80 nm will find improved currents, including some circulating ones that will help push him toward Hawaii.

Winds continued at 11-12 kts out of the E. ClearPoint indicated that by mid afternoon the wind would become 8 kts out of the ENE and remain at 10-11 kts for the rest of the period. Currents were a bit more helpful out of the NW at 0.4 kts and will be mixed over the next 100 nm. Waves are an easy, and slightly down, 1.5 m.

Distance in last 24 hours: 78 nm over ground / 26 nm DMG
Heading: 145°
Reported boat speed: 4.0 kts
Average boat speed: 4.3 kts
Engine: 0 hrs
Generator: 9.25 hrs
Weather: Mostly sunny skies, some clouds
Temperature: 26.4° C
Barometer: 1014 hPa
Wind (from): 11-12 kts E, expected to be 8-13 kts E & ENE over next 19 hrs
Waves: 1.5 m
Current (from): 0.4 kts NW
Sails: Mainsail 2-pt reef, genoa headsail 80%

Position Map