Day 656 [July 20/10 JST] -- Slow going as engine takes another holiday

Today's Report
July 20/10 0800 JST 

Position:  21°45'N, 163°13'W

Faced with strong headwinds and large opposing seas it was already slow-going and then the engine went on holiday again, this time from a lack of water rather than a leak. Saito-san's not sure why, but there is now some sort of blockage in the seawater intake, or the water pump has packed up. Or it could be the impeller again, but whatever the reason it looks unlikely he can fix it at sea.

Meanwhile, he had trouble starting the aux. generator for several hours, finally managing to get it going after bleeding air from its fuel circuit. He's had this trouble before and has become adept at carrying out the meticulous task. Without both the engine and generator he'd quickly lose the battery power that is running the hydraulic steering, comms, and electronic navigation aids. The generator is essential to keeping all systems working.

As of today's 0800 JST (1300 local) call he was 298 nm from Hawaii, making 95 nm DOG and moving 66 nm DMG closer to Hawaii in the 24-hr period. However, the opposing current and headwinds caused him lose 2 nm DMG by 1100 JST as he tries to claw his way to the NE. He plans to tack in about 12 hours, after the winds change to out of the E.

Winds were strong and opposing in a range of 15-20 kts out of the ENE (down about 5 kts since yesterday). On ClearPoint, the wind is predicted to be out of the ENE for the next 7 hrs, then will ease to 13-15 kts out of the E.

During a mid-day call he said he had been provided a "natural tack" when a passing squall suddenly changed the wind direction and he was able to put the boat on an improved 115° heading, pointed ESE at a nicely increased 3.5 or 4.0 kts of boat speed.  

Distance in last 24 hours: 95 nm over ground/66 nm DMG
Heading: 005°
Reported boat speed: 2.0 kts
Average boat speed: 5.3 kts
Engine: 15.5 hrs, 1800 rpm
Generator: 2.0 hrs
Weather: Overcast
Temperature: 26.5° C
Barometer: 1014 hPa
Wind (from): 15-20 kts ENE, expected to become 13 kts E over next 19 hrs
Waves: 2.5 m
Current (from): 0.1 kts SE, mixed, becoming 0.6 SE (unfav.) in 50 nm
Sails: Genoa 0%, staysail 100%, mainsail 2-pt reef

Position Map