Day 658 [July 22/10 JST] -- A struggle for forward progress

Today's Report
July 22/10 0800 JST 

Position:  22°19'N, 163°05'W

There was no DMG gain at all during the 24-hour period. Saito-san, sailing against 12-kt ENE headwinds, was able to take advantage of the 0.6 SE current to go 45 nm to the north, which presented him today with an improved tack in the direction he wants to go.

There was a bit of bad new/good news this morning, after he was able to remove the seawater pump impeller, a part with spinning rubber fins he described as being "completely destroyed." The good news was that he could get the ruined impeller out, and that he has a spare on board. 

The question is now: Why, in just 20 hours of engine operation, did the new impeller become damaged? Mike Seymour was to consult the engine manufacturer this morning for advice on keeping it from happening again.

Several persons have asked why Saito-san has not been able to properly re-rig the staysail stay that came loose 2 days ago, requiring him to rope it into place. We received a clarification from him during the morning call.

He said that since this is the inner stay on which the staysail is raised (similar to the "baby stay" on other vessels), it is not as crucial to rigging support with the staysail removed or furled. To re-insert the connecting pin below the staysail furler drum will require that he release tension on the double backstays. He says this is a risky job for a single person, and that it actually requires 2 crew to pull off -- one to momentarily release the tension, and the other to re-insert the connecting pin. 

So, under the presently large sea state he has decided to use rope attachment of the turnbuckle, rather than attempt what might lead to still greater problems -- such as a snapped or damaged mast.

As of today's 0800 JST (1300 local) call he was still 295 nm from Hawaii, making 45 nm DOG north and moving no closer to Hawaii during the 24-hr period. However, he was in a much improved position for a tack to the SSE, which he carried out about an hour ago.

Winds continued to ease slightly to 13-15 kts out of the E. On ClearPoint, the wind is predicted to be 9-11 kts out of the ENE for most of the period. Currents are unfavorable out of the SE at 0.6 kts, but his new heading will set up an oblique angle to the current and that should help him "ferry" sideways in a somewhat more easterly direction.

Seas have reduced to 2.0 m, after several days of 3 m and 2.5 m waves.

Distance in last 24 hours: 45 nm over ground / 0 nm DMG
Heading: 140°
Reported boat speed: 2.1 kts
Average boat speed: 2.5 kts
Engine: 0 hrs
Generator: 13.75 hrs
Weather: Partly cloudy & overcast
Temperature: 26.5° C
Barometer: 1016 hPa
Wind (from): 13-15 kts ENE, expected to be 9-11 kts ENE over next 19 hrs
Waves: 2.0 m
Current (from): 0.6 kts SE
Sails: Storm jib, mainsail 2-pt reef

Position Map