Day 452 [Dec. 28/09] -- Counting down

Position (1000 JST)
53°10'S, 70°55'W -- Punta Arenas

Today's Report

Saito-san called this morning by Iridium to report that last-minute repairs continue to go smoothly.

An electrician from a neighboring boat was able to determine a faulty cable was the reason the fuel transfer pump had stopped working. The pump is required for moving diesel fuel between the three tanks being used. After the cable was replaced the pump was back operating well, Saito-san reported.

Saito-san was clearly enthused about his apparently imminent departure, and said he expects to leave as early as this Tuesday, following the official nod from the Coast Guard.

ClearPoint this morning showed the weather on the Strait of Magellan to be mild, with moderate winds out of the NW.

We will start posting weather reports tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here's a nice update /summary published today by Asia, on "Never-Say-Die" Minoru Saito.

Hmmm... Never Say Die = NSD = Nicole Shuten-Dohji... not bad!