Day 498 [Feb. 12/10] -- Waiting on repairs

Today's Report
Feb. 12/10 0800 JST
39°49'S, 73°15'W (Valdivia Marina)

A rigger has been scheduled for Saturday to see about the main, and to attend to a problem with the genoa furler. Saito-san has noticed it now turns only with difficulty, which may have been the reason the furling line broke a few nights ago. 
The mainsail has lost the No. 2 batten and one of the cars used when running the main up the mast. These parts may need to be fabricated locally, although neither one is considered essential, especially if the main is not fully opened.
In the interim, Saito-san will attend to boat chores and rest. It is likely he will leave Sunday, depending on how the repairs go.