Day 550 [April 5/10] -- Slowing down as he bids 'adiós!' to Chile

Today's Report
April 5/10 0800 JST

18°37'S, 76°27'W (South Pacific Ocean, 1,312 nm from Valdivia / 1,992 nm to Equator)

He comes abreast of the southernmost border of Peru today, and can finally say adiós! to Chile, where he has been a highly reluctant guest since April of 2009 (and then again in October). No one can blame him for feeling relieved after three Cape Horn passages, a very long Chilean winter, an emergency operation, and a major earthquake, among other challenges that met him there. He's had to renew his visa at least three times.

DMG under sails alone fell to just 87 nm for the period as winds eased to under 10 kts. The seas have subsided to a gentle 1 meter. He'll see winds fall even more to 5 kts tomorrow. Skies remain overcast.

He had no luck yesterday freeing the genoa sheet from its death-grip tangle around the stay, so he expects to completely replace the sheet as he takes advantage of the calm conditions of the next 24 hours. He says it looks like he'll have to cut it to free it.

Yesterday he awoke to discover a small squid and a flying fish on deck, both quite dead but still palatable (Saito-san seems not very choosy, after days of rice and canned goods). The galley served "poissons du jour" at lunchtime.
Distance in last 24 hours: 87 nm
Distance completed: 18,811 nm
To Yokohama: 9,459 nm (distance remaining: 33.5%)
Heading: 354
Reported boat speed: 3.0 kt (day's average: 3.6 kt) under sail only
Weather: Overcast 
Temperature: 20.0° C
Barometer: 1007 hPa (slight drop)
Wind (from): Favorable 6-11 kt SSE -- expected to fall to 5 kt S in 13 hrs
Waves: 1.0 m
Current (from): 0.2 kt NNW
Engine rpms: 0 hrs
Generator: 11.0 hrs
Sails: Genoa 0%, staysail 100%, mainsail 2-pt reef

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