Day 588 [May 13/10] -- Back on the road home again

Today's Report
May 13/10 0800 JST / 1700 local

01°05'S, 90°36'W (departing Galápagos)

At the time of his morning (0800 Japan) call he was 27 nm from Puerto Ayora, and had made good time under moderate but favorable winds. 

All systems were working well, although he said the autopilot compass now appears to be about 6 degrees out of adjustment, a problem he thinks may be mechanical after the electrician removed the compass yesterday for inspection. On being put back, it appears it may have been turned several degrees away from its original position.

Since the compass is mounted on the top of the cockpit roof, this may prove difficult for Saito-san to adjust without assistance. As well, he's reluctant to physically turn the compass as he's concerned he could end up making a small problem even worse. Generally two persons are required to make the adjustment, with one person steering and the other doing the correction.

So for the remainder of the circumnavigation he's willing to compensate as part of steering the desired boat heading, then setting the autopilot to follow it. There are software adjustments he can try as well.

Regardless, he's happy to be back on the road home, having weighed anchor and left port a little after noon local time under overcast skies with mild but favorable winds.

Back under way in the much-traveled NBSDIII, now well past 22,000 actual miles and clearly showing the rigors of a harsh Chilean winter  

Distance from Puerto Ayora: 27 nm
Heading: 240
Reported boat speed: 3.5 kts
Average boat speed: 
Weather: Overcast
Temperature: 25.0° C
Barometer: 1003 hPa (steady)
Wind (from): 5 kts, SSE expected to be 5-9 kts SSE & SSW for next 19 hours
Current (from): E at 1.0 - 1.3 kt 
Engine rpms: 3.0 hrs, 1400 rpm, 2.0 hrs, 1800 rpm
Generator: 4.0 hrs
Sails: Genoa 100%, staysail 0%, mainsail 1-pt reef

Position Map