Day 598 [May 23/10] -- Crossing the Doldrums

Today's Report
May 23/10 0800 JST / 1600 local

03°31'N, 112°58'W (North Pacific Ocean) 

During the morning discussion Saito-san decided to make his play to cross the Doldrums. He called back about 30 minutes later to say he had jibed and was now on a heading of 335°. This, in combination with the gradually reducing westward current, should have him crossing the approximately 300 nm stretch of reduced winds over the next 3 days while maintaining at least some westward progress.

The current will be helpful for the next 24 hours but will then turn against him, heading east at just under a knot. For about half a day he'll get a lift as it sweeps north and then around to the east to slow him down.

On Clearpoint and judging from what he is now experiencing, the winds will continue to moderate but if he times the crossing right it still appears that he'll have favorable winds as he cuts through the band of normally dead air. Windless pockets could be seen to both his west and east this morning. The strategy is to try to sail on a NW heading in between these pockets.

Distance in last 24 hours: 161 nm
Total distance completed: 21,511 nm
To Yokohama: 6,689 nm (distance remaining: 23.9%)
To Hawaii WP: 2,690 nm
Heading: 335°
Reported boat speed: 6.0 kts
Average boat speed: 6.7 kts
Average daily DMG for last 7 days: 147 nm 
Weather: Overcast
Temperature: 24.0° C
Barometer: 1005 hPa (steady)
Wind (from): 10-14 kts, SE expected to be 16 kts reducing to 11 kts SSE over next 19 hrs
Waves: 2.0-2.5
Current (from): E at 1.0 kt (favorable)
Engine: 0 hrs
Generator: 7.0 hrs
Sails: Genoa 90%, staysail 0%, mainsail 1-pt reef

Position Map