Day 375 [Oct. 13/09] Still waiting

No word yet on status

53 11 S, 70 55 W --- Rafted in a harbor in Punta Arenas, Chile

Today's Report [1100 JST]

Sometimes no news IS news of a sort.

We're waiting for word from Saito-san, and Saito-san was waiting on final boat maintenance and repairs, and the weather, and official clearance to leave (from immigration -- the boat already has clearance from the Coast Guard). Monday was Columbus Day, a public holiday Chile shares with the U.S. So Tuesday will be the first opportunity to clear up the lapsed visa.

One of the nice things about the new blog is that it's easy to update. As part of a historical record, we'll leave old posts up, unchanged, but update them as necessary with addendums.


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[Moonrise at 2045 hours on 1/12/2009,

following a close encounter with Typhoon Dongo ]

Summary of that day's log entry:
Day 102 [Jan. 12, 0700 JST] -- click to see entire entry & position

A good day under sails alone, riding winds being pulled westward into the low pressure of Cyclone Dongo. Dongo was an apparent near-miss, absent any major move off its 160 degree southern track. As had been predicted by the weather center, southbound Dongo last night veered 15 degrees to the east, but by that time was already south of Saito's latitude and heading lower. The skipper also had prudently moved more north thus providing added distance between him and the now apparently departing cyclone, the year's first.