Day 376 [Oct. 14/09] No word yet

Still quiet from Punta Arenas

53 11 S, 70 55 W --- Rafted in a harbor in Punta Arenas, Chile

Today's Report [1700 JST]

No word from Saito-san on his departure date.


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[A morning's "deck catch" of flying fish at 0936

hours on 1/13/2009 ]

Summary of that day's log entry:

Day 103 [Jan. 13, 0700 JST] -- click to see entire entry & position

Cyclone Dongo was downgraded yesterday to a tropical low, and the US Navy storm center issued in the afternoon what it called its "final warning" on the quickly dissipating storm.

Saito-san reported clear skies and "just a little clouds" as he is now 530 nm from the center of the low that is drawing obliquely away from him to the south. Clearpoint shows he should expect rain over the next 2 days and winds out of the north at 25 kt sustained. A weather trough is expected to pass over his position in about 30 hours.