Day 386 [Oct. 24/09] -- Saito ready to depart

53 11 S, 70 55 W -- Punta Arenas [0830 JST, Oct. 24/09]

Saito-san called to say he was taking advantage of moderating weather and sea conditions, and was preparing to leave Punta Arenas at 6 am Saturday, local time (in about 10 hours). He said he received final clearance from the Coast Guard / customs. He reported that all major issues with the vessel had been resolved.
He said he appreciated the help of Mr. Gonzola, Mr. Hanaoka, and other local residents in making final preparations.
He will head east and north on the Strait of Magellan, enter the Atlantic Ocean, and turn south then west to pass Cape Horn. It is expected to take about 5 days to reach the Horn. You can see his planned route here.

Today's Weather Report [0700 JST] -- Courtesy of ClearPoint Weather

For Punta Arenas
Friday, winds at 30 kts out of the W, reducing to 15 kt on Saturday. Rain continues. Somewhat warmer later.
For Cape Horn
Conditions at Cape Horn presently appear much improved with lowered seas at 0.5 meters just below the cape. However, weather is highly changeable, with the frequent passage of successive fronts. To the west and up the Chilean coast, the seas are 5 to 7 meters.

Forecast [Punta Arenas]
Forecast [Cape Horn]
Barometric chart [click to enlarge]
Winds [Punta Arenas in 7 hrs]
Winds [Atlantic in 7 hrs]
Winds [Cape Horn in 7 hrs]
Waves (Strait of Magellan in 7 hrs)
Waves (South Atlantic Ocean in 7 hrs)

Waves (Cape Horn in 7 hrs)