Day 389 [Oct. 27/09] -- Cape Horn position update

Position (2000 JST)
55°44'S, 66°41'W -- about 18 nm northeast of Cape Horn
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Distance completed to Yokohama finish: 65%
Heading: 190
Boat speed: 5-6.0 kt (7-day average: -- kt)
Weather: Overcast, cold (4.0 C), winds moderate, seas moderate
Barometer: 988 hPa (rising)
Waves: 1.5-2.0 m (in lee of islands)
Wind (from): 22-27 kt SW
Current (from): 1.4 kt SW

Today's Report UPDATE (2000 JST)

At the time of his call, he was approx. 18 nm northeast of the islands below Cape Horn. At a speed of 5 kts, he is expected to start passing below the islands in about 3 hours.

He noted the leak in the aft head, at between 0.5 and 1 liter / hr. He also said he can see that the primary fuel filter is becoming dirty due to tank debris being stirred up by boat motion.

He was told of the 1.4 kt currents in the area where he is, as indicated by ClearPoint. We reminded him to take pictures as he passed the Horn.

He said he can see a small island "very close." He estimated it at about half a mile distant off his starboard bow.

Iridium reception was good.

Saito-san will call in his next position at 0800 JST tomorrow.

Additional Report (2021 JST) [Mike Seymour, Safety Officer]

Saito-san called and said he is about 1 hour from Cape Horn, just off the first small island off the cape. Winds from the SW at 20 to 25 knots. Waves at 1.5 m.

He said both fore and aft cabins were a complete mess due to the pounding the boat has been taking. He will call again when he gets around the cape.

(2154 JST) Hitoshi Hanaoka, Chief of Punta Arenas Chile shore crew

Saito-san called me in Chilean time today 27-10-09 0800 to tell me that it will take 1 hour to cross Cape Horn. Everything looks good.