Day 389 [Oct. 27/09] -- Approaching east of Cape Horn

Position (0800 JST)
55°19'S, 64°23'W -- 100 nm east of Cape Horn
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Distance completed to Yokohama finish: 65%
Heading: 220
Boat speed: 7.0 kt (7-day average: -- kt)
Distance in last 24 hours: 114 nm
Distance made good: 16,350 nm (30,280 km)
Distance remaining to Yokohama: 8,520 nm
Yokohama to Yokohama (24,970 nm)
Yokohama ETA: 85 days (based on 100 nm/day ave. boat speed)
Weather: Overcast and partly cloudy, winds growing, seas moderate
Barometer: 964 hPa (dropping)
Waves: 1.5-2.0 m
Wind (from): 22-26 kt WNW
Current (from): 1.2 kt SW
Engine: 6.0 hr @ 2000 rpm + 18.0 hr @ 2300 rpm (294 L)
Generator: 0.0 hr (0 L)
Main: 0%
Staysail: 0%
Genoa: 0%

Today's Report

Saito-san is making the approach to Cape Horn, and at the morning's call JST was 100 nm east. He was in relatively light winds of 20 kts, but ClearPoint shows two, possibly three, approaching fronts. When they reach the area in 6-8 hours, the winds will rise to the mid 30s, then should drop back into the high 20s in about 12-15 hours. Seas are relatively moderate at 2.5 m.

Everything appears fine with the vessel, as he makes his second attempt to pass the Horn. The last attempt was April 12.

Iridium reception continues to be cell phone quality (with a slight delay), which is much improved over the quality during the previous attempt.

Saito-san will call in his position three times a day at the request of the Tokyo shore crew for at least the next several days.

Additional Report (Hitoshi Hanaoka, Chief of Punta Arenas Chile shore support)

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0800 local

This day 26th 0800 o'clock there is the telephone from Saito. When it turns the Estados island open sea, is opposite to Cape Horn. Wind 35 knots. As for Cape Horn open sea arrival when it is tomorrow. Flooding to the yacht is very little.

2015 local

O'clock of the Chilean time 26-10-09 and 2015, there is the telephone from Saito. To Cape Horn the distance of 80 miles. As for rudder, in 220 degrees northwest. It seems that everything favorably goes.

Barometric chart + 7 hrs [click to enlarge]
Winds + 7 hrs
Waves + 7 hrs