Day 399 [Nov. 6/09] -- Waiting

Position (1900 JST)
53°10'S, 70°55'W -- Punta Arenas
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Today's Report

Saito-san reports that NBSDIII is moored at the Coast Guard receiving station and that yesterday he cleared immigration back into Chile.

The boat was to be towed back to the port facilities used by Hanaoka-san's company, where the engine and generator will be fixed, the fuel tanks cleaned, and the staysail repaired. The leak in the aft head will also be traced and fixed.

No schedule is presently set but it is expected that the work and inspections will take a week or more to ensure that the vessel is back in good working order and fully ready to resume the circumnavigation. He said a decision on departure can only be made after the engine and generator are repaired. All fuel will be replaced after the tanks are cleaned.

Saito-san expressed his thanks for the messages of support he has received.