Day 475 [Jan. 20/10] -- Photos

Position (2000 JST)
53°10'S, 70°55'W -- Punta Arenas

Today's Report

We're still waiting on the final word. This morning Saito-san said customs clearance and the exit stamp on his passport should come by Thursday. 

So we'll use this opportunity to publish photos we've received over the past 11 weeks while Saito-san and the Punta Arenas team have struggled to get the boat back into sailing condition. It's now been 77 very long days for Saito-san since he returned to Punta Arenas for the second time.

Here's the highlights, in rough chronological order:
Sail repairs on the spare genoa... Visit to a visiting tall-masted ship... Field trip to the woodlands ... Repairs to the staysail furler... Test and calibration of the navigation equipment this week... And frolicking dolphins, with Rose and Pablo.

Our great thanks to Rose and Pablo for these pics!

Fingers crossed!