Day 477 [Jan. 22/10] -- More photos

Rose sends more photos, as she describes at bottom. These are some of the great folks who have been assisting in the final days to departure.

During one of our nearly daily Skype calls from the home of Rose and Pablo.

Rose writes:

Saito San is here at our house to talk to you a bit later about his day on Skype (Photo 257) if you are free please.  Mike too if poss, can be done separately if required. We have had a long day on the road, driving from office to office to sort out his documents for Port Clearance and Visa and Passport and Immigration.

All is going well there and the whole procedure should be finished by tomorrow. We need last word from Hanoka San and Gonzalo. Camillo, (Photo 277) Hanoaka San's Ship Mechanic has been a real brick with fixing little bits and bobs and has been translating for us most of the day.

Roberto (Photo 287, moustache, in dark jacket with Saito) the Magic Electrician has been on the boat to sort the problem of the radio which cursedly stopped working, he says the auto tuner is bad and took it off board to mend.  Should be back tomorrow.

The man in the hard hat is Juan Barria (Photo 262) on the Scientific rescue boat with his crew, (Photo 280) they are not scientists, their boat  “Del Mar III”,  has most of the time moored alongside Nicole BMW, he can speak Japanese and has been a source of light relief at times for Saito-San such as making him coffee and meals and kept a friendly eye of Nicole BMW.  He also assisted with putting the staysail back on its rigging yesterday morning at 7:00 am before the summer winds get up for the day.

There is a photo of Nicole BMW with Tierra del Fuego in the background in the fishing harbour of Rio Seco. Today the winds, 40 knots, Saito San estimated, have been fierce but warm from the northwest.  Tomorrow morning we will visit Hanoaka San and discuss the final stages for Saito San’s voyage.  Minoru asks please may we have another weather report update.

And not least, Hanaoka-san (dark blue jacket with red stripes) and Saito-san, in 50-knot gusts.

Many thanks,