Day 1065 [Sep. 2/11 JST] – Typhoon Talas Update – Day 7 and Gone

 Today's Report
Sep. 2/11 JST 

Position:  27°03'N, 142°11'E (Ogasawara, Chichijima Island, Japan)
Remaining to Yokohama:  502 nm (ETA: ?)

NBSDIII was back at the jetty by 1500 today, motored there by Saito-san and assisted at the tie-up by several people from the Ogasawara Fishing Association. The skipper said he was ready for a good meal and a hot bath, not necessarily in that order, after a full week doing typhoon duty aboard his yacht.

Other than a little damage to the top of the mainsail, which he expected to fix tomorrow, he said NBSDIII appears to have come through Typhoon Talas virtually unscathed. In fact, the earlier motor repairs were given a bit of a test both going to, and returning from, the big ship mooring several hundred meters out into the harbor.

He said that other than a bit of smoke -- "it was not so much" -- the motor and newly installed replacement gearbox worked with no problems.

He said that following more trials after the waves reduce he will begin preparations for departure from Ogasawara, which he expected to occur either Monday or Tuesday. He expects to proceed to Hachijojima, an island 360 nm closer to Yokohama.

As of this morning the waves outside the harbor were 5 meters as shown on ClearPoint, reducing to 3.7-4.0 meters tomorrow as the effects of Talas begin to dissipate. By Monday sea conditions should return to normal where he is, and after a few more days ease as well along his route to Hachijojima. 

No other threatening weather is shown for at least the next 5 to 7 days on ClearPoint.