Day 489 [Feb. 3/10] -- Overnighting Near Cabo Felix lighthouse

Today's Report
53°01'S, 73° 56'W (182 nm from Punta Arenas, Chile)

The boats made about 37 nm during the day and Saito-san says the weather has greatly improved. They are overnighting in a cove about 3 nm east of Cabo Felix lighthouse, completed in 1906.

Hanaoka-san reported this morning by email that Saito had called him and said that he will leave in the morning and enter the Pacific while conditions are still moderate.

Saito called me on 2nd February 2010 at 1945 informing that they already arrived at natural harbor next 3 miles east to Felix light house. The sea is calming down. He said that tomorrow in 0500 to 0600 with the sunrise he will be sailing out to the open sea. He was informed of wind and wave conditions for 3 days, so he knows that the conditions are getting better. Fishing boat Lucky Dream with its crew will stay in the bay where they are now during 3 hours after Saito´s departure, and will leave if they are no longer needed.

-- Hitoshi Hanaoka

From Joshua Slocum:
"Now at last the Spray carried me free of Tierra del Fuego. If by a close shave only, still she carried me clear, though her boom actually hit the beacon rocks to leeward as she lugged on sail to clear the point. The thing was done on the 13th of April, 1896. But a close shave and a narrow escape were nothing new to the Spray. The waves doffed their white caps beautifully to her in the strait that day before the southeast wind, the first true winter breeze of the season from that quarter, and here she was out on the first of it, with every prospect of clearing Cape Pillar before it should shift. So it turned out; the wind blew hard, as it always blows about Cape Horn, but she had cleared the great tide-race off Cape Pillar and the Evangelistas, the outermost rocks of all, before the change came."

The Voyage of Spray and Capt. Joshua Slocum