Day 491 [Feb. 5/10] -- Good progress

Today's Report
50°08'S, 76°37'W (Pacific Ocean, 170 nm NW of Strait of Magellan)

NBSDIII made quite good progress despite early headwinds in the 24-hour period, achieving 140 nm up the Chilean coastline. Saito-san has also opened up 40 nm of sea room between him and the rocky and barren coast on his lee. He would need at least that should an extended gale develop in the next few days.

He faces opposing winds in the high teens from the NNW in the next 24 hours and likely lasting another day or two as several small lows pass through the area going eastward. Nothing major is yet seen on ClearPoint. Seas are moderate at 1.5 m.

He expects to find more favorable current as he goes up the coast and will get a large lift when he reaches the powerful Humboldt Current. (See image below.)

Distance completed: 16,840 nm
To Yokohama: 11,430 nm (distance remaining: 40.4%)
Heading: 335
Distance in last 24 hours: 140 nm
Reported boat speed: 6.5 kt (day's average: 5.8 kt)
Weather: Overcast with scattered rain; several small fronts approaching from W
Temperature: 14° C
Barometer: 990 hPa (rising)
Wind (from): Headwinds 12-14 kt NNW -- expected to rise in 19 hrs to 19 kt NNW
Waves: 1.5 m
Current (from): 0.3 kt WNW
Engine rpms: 2000 (24 hrs)

Map of the massive Humboldt Current that sweeps up the west side of the South American continent. (Note the opposing Cape Horn current below the tip of The Horn.)