Day 490 [Feb. 4/10] -- On the way again

Today's Report
52°19'S, 75°24'W (Pacific Ocean, 20 nm NW of Strait of Magellan)

Minoru Saito is back officially on his way, having re-entered the open waters of the Pacific Ocean about 5 pm local time. By 8 pm he had passed his furthest point made during his second Cape Horn attempt in October, before he lost use of his sails and engine and was forced to return to Punta Arenas.

He reported that everything is going well although he faces strong headwinds and seas so is not yet using his sails. He was motoring at 3000 rpm at the time of his 0800 JST call.

We are restarting the trip log at this point, using a distance calculation determined from Google Earth, which has been enormously helpful (and surprisingly accurate) in helping plot his course. That calculated distance includes only his forward progress and does not take into account the 1,750 additional miles he logged during his two attempts to transit Cape Horn.

The total distance for the circumnavigation is now expected to be 28,270 nm following a less-direct route that will allow Saito to avoid cyclone areas on the way back. See the route below.

Distance completed to Yokohama finish: 16,700 nm (59%)
Distance remaining to Yokohama: 11,570 nm
Heading: 285
Distance in last 12 hours: 69 nm
Boat speed: 5.5 kt (7-day average: -- kt)
Weather: Overcast with scattered rain; several small fronts approaching from WNW
Barometer: 982 hPa (steady)
Wind (from): Headwinds 22-28 kt WNW -- expected to reduce, and change to SW in 4 hours
Waves: 2.5-3.0 m, opposing
Current (from): 0.3 kt WNW
Engine: 3000 rpm (6 hrs) + 2000 (6 hrs)

Saito 8 return route; click image to enlarge.