Day 626 [June 19/10 local time] -- 161 nm to go

Today's Report
June 19/10 1300 Honolulu Time 

Position:  20°33'N, 153°57'W (Approaching Hawaiian Islands) 

Remaining distance to Yokohama finish:  14.0%

Now he's deliberately easing off a bit as he sees that making a Sunday afternoon landfall looks unlikely, after a period of weak winds yesterday. 

He's been cautioned by Dave Cooper, who will be meeting him in a tender vessel, that the night lights can be confusing and that crossing Honolulu Harbor at night presents a risk of collision with large vessels. Saito-san has medium-size charts of the area, but that's likely not adequate for the detail he'll need for a night approach.

So he will try to time his arrival at "about 9 or 10" Monday morning, Saito-san told us.

Winds yesterday were 11-15 kts out of the ENE and sometimes E. No new squalls visited during the period. The current has remained helpful at 0.7 out of the SE.

He now has 161 nm remaining to reach his Hawaii stopover at Keehi Marina, Honolulu, making 93 nm yesterday. 

He gave calls to his volunteer shore crew this morning to confirm phone numbers and thank them for their efforts. Scott Gilbert (along with his boating pal, Erick Cremer) had assisted Saito-san previously in Hawaii, Ed Abbott knows Saito as well from then, and Dave Cooper, who has volunteered the tender vessel, responded to an email Ed had made to their cruising group, the HYC Cruising Society. 

Their combined expertise and local knowledge has made the many aspects of making a port call go very smoothly.  

Another mile... er, kilometerstone, was passed yesterday when he passed 45,000 km. To the 80% of the world tuned to the metric system, that's a "Wow!" moment. To the rest of us, that's a bit over 24,000 nautical miles or 27,618 highway miles. Wow!

Distance in last 24 hours: 93 nm over ground / 95 nm DMG
Total distance completed: 24,320 nm
To Yokohama: 3,964 nm
To Hawaii WP2: 161 nm
Heading: 288°
Reported boat speed: 4.5 kts
Average boat speed: 3.9 kts
Average daily DMG over last 3 days: 99 nm 
Weather: Clear, scattered clouds
Temperature: 24.0° C
Barometer: 1014 hPa 
Wind (from): 11-15 kts E, sometimes ENE, expected to be 15-18 kts mostly E over next 19 hrs
Waves: 2.0 m
Current (from): E at 0.7 kts (favorable)
Engine: 0.0 hrs
Generator: 11.0 hrs
Sails: Genoa 80% staysail 0%, mainsail 2-pt reef

Position Map