Day 631 [June 24/10 local time] -- Steady progress on repairs

Today's Report
June 24/10 0900 Honolulu Time 

Position:  21°17'N, 157°53'W (Keehi Marina, Honolulu) 

Remaining distance to Yokohama finish:  13.4%

Repairs and maintenance are continuing apace, as volunteers, tradesmen, and Saito-san have labored from early morning till dusk to attend to a number of issues.

Here is the list for the record, as supplied by emails and phone calls with Scott, Ed, John, and Dave. We've edited it some but you will get the idea of the extensive job they have faced to get the boat back into a seaworthy state.

Day 1

[Already reported]

Day 2
Check-in and sign in with Keehi Marine Center Office. (Office hours M-F till 1600). Planning for West Marine shopping, Rigger visit, Mechanic Visit, Check in at Customs office, Medical visit, and possibly some new shoes!


  • Starboard main winch not working 
  • New 8mm furling line planned for head Harken (West Marine purchase and we can re attach) 
  • Tighten up the stay sail wire/furler 
  • Check main sail lug connections and tear repair (Saito) 
  • Assessment of fixed rigging and running lines 
  • Check deck for loose gear 
  • Get engine running and refill diesel tank? 
  • Hydraulic steering work....valves? leak? hoses? 
  • He reports Gen set okay. 
  • He reports house batteries okay.

  • He wants a diver to clear a line stuck under hull and scrape/clean bottom. 
  • No haul out (last bottom paint in NZ he says) 
  • Both cabins need mop up and clean out 
  • Refrigerator works 
  • Stove is temperamental with broken valve - has stove fuel 
  • Has one watch working 
  • Needs gloves (especially sewing glove) 
  • Needs deck shoes 
  • Needs to check in with Customs again tomorrow at their office at Pier One (Scott will take him) 
  • Medical check-up at Cardiology Clinic tomorrow at 1330 with Dr Christian Spies of The Queen's Medical Center. 
  • "Manny" is the security manager at Keehi Marine Center Shipyard 808-381-8034. Gates lock at 2100. Also.... Saito reports to me that he does not have the security key for Keehi. Could be lost somewhere on the boat? 
  • He is enjoying the warm air of Hawaii...even standing next to the cold food section at the grocery store reminded him of his awful winter in chilly Chile. 
  • Keep an eye on the weather for his final leg as he is somewhat concerned about typhoons and tropical storms especially around Japan in July 
-- Scott

  • The headstay toggle still requires replacement (welding a broken shoulder is not an option!!) I may have one which is fairly new that can be had for a value. I will check with the owner of it tomorrow. 
  • The running backs still need to have their, aloft, splices cut away to freshen their connections to the mast toggles. It sounds like we have corrected the staysl stay/furling unit issues adequately?! 
  • I am on line to assist with the headstay fitting on Saturday after returning from projects on the outer islands. 
  • I gather no photos are necessary of the cracks in the mast tube in way of the staysl halyard sheave box. (what a shame this had to happen) The mast is a fine bit of work!! 
-- John Koon, the Rigger

[We subsequently received the photos and are evaluating the mast condition. More to follow on this later as we confer in Tokyo.]

Day 3
  • Most of the little stuff is under control and will be finished by end of the weekend. Planning to change out the toggle at the base of the headsail furler on Saturday when we can get a crew together to take it all apart.
  • Mainsail is down and rolled up ready to be evaluated by North Sails staff (Buzz) after transport to their shop late today or tomorrow. No luck yet on a replacement. But ideas flourish! More brains needed and a bit more muscle too. Got a call from Glenn Pang with some great ideas and he is willing to join the muscle crew at the end of the week.
  • Bottom cleaned by diver and loose line cleared.

-- Scott Gilbert

Our further comments:

Clearly there has been a tremendous on-going effort done by everyone and we, and Saito-san, are immensely fortunate to have their help. Dave spent a lot of time up the mast today and is helping us evaluate its condition.

The mainsail, as it now seems likely, can be professionally repaired -- at least the portion above the 2-pt reef, and that will be adequate under the time constraints. The seams need to be reinforced and the batten pockets resewn. The sail will be carried to a sail loft by Dave Cooper in the morning by truck and a final diagnosis will be rendered.

The engine was fixed, as reported earlier, and is now in good working order.

Speaking of diagnosis -- Among the other good news is that Saito-san was given a clean bill of health during his checkup Tuesday at the hospital where Scott works. We greatly appreciate this provided by Dr. Christian Spies of The Queen's Medical Center.

Other items were reported as well, but we'll wait a bit on those and other ongoing tasks.